What is Google Tag Manager?

Here is a simple definition from Luna MetricsGoogle Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system that has streamlined the process of creating tags to send user interaction data to Google Analytics (GA). It is worth to mention that GTM is a free tool and it helps marketers to be more independent from IT, you can manage the code on your own, set up events tracking.

GTM consist of 3 parts:

  1. Tag: You have to add a code to your pages
  2. Triggers: Shows when and where tags are executed
  3. Variables: Additional information GTM may need for the tag and trigger to work

What are tags? here are a few examples:

  • Facebook pixel
  • Adwords conversions tracking code
  • GA universal tracking code

These tags tell Gogle Tag Manager what to do.

What are benefits of GTA?

  1. Helps to save your time, because you do not need to cooperate with developers.
  2. You can have all third-part code in one place
  3. Protects from bugs. With Tag Assistant tool you can check if the code is working well.

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