How to Reduce High Bounce Rate and Increase Conversions

The simple explanation what is Bounce Rate – the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

It is important to check Bounce Rate because it could be a good indicator if something is wrong with your website, as well it can explain law conversion rate. Bounce Rate you can see on google Analytics or calculate with Bounce Rate formula: total number of visits viewing one page only, divide from total entries to page.

What is normal Bownce Rate? In my opinion it is very subjective, because it depends on what service or product do you supply.

Kissmetrics gave preliminary figures about Normal Bounce Rate percent according to the industry.

  • Retail Sites 20-40%
  • Simple landing page 70-90%
  • Portals 10-30%
  • Service sites 10-30%
  • Content websites 40-60%
  • Lead generation 30-50%

The Bounce Rate on your website is way bigger? it does not mean that it is something wrong. It is possible that you send people to the right place and they directly find what they want.

I found a few tips how to reduce Bounce Rate.

  • Stop targeting keywords which are sending low value traffic. I would recommend to get Google Adwors report what keywords people use to come to find your website and keywords which are not relevant your should insert to negative keywords list.
  • Landing Page should satisfy visitor`s query. Try to identify which landing page is most relevant to the ad content.
  • Call to action should be relevant to the visitors and well displayed.
  • Poor landing page:
    • Poor webpage design
    • Not user friendly layout, difficult to read the text
    • Too much ads around the text
    • Too much text
    • Poor Formatting (use bold, italics and ect)
    • Not comfortable structure of coloumns, no space between paragraphs
  • Is your site mobile friendly? More and more users are coming on mobile.
  • Delete pop-up. For most of people it is annoying.

Would you like to know your competitors Bounce Rate? I found a few  free tools which could help.










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